The Rural Wellness Podcast, hosted by Naturopath, Hayley Dawson was created with the purpose of supporting, connecting, and educating those in rural areas on how they can improve their health. Each week Hayley will discuss taboo topics, engage with special guests, and answer your burning questions.

This week we discuss all things Naturopathy. 

What is a naturopathy

What do they do

Why I became a naturopath

Why I choose to help those in rural and remote area

Favorited things to treat

-  Women’s Health

-  Stress Management

-  Gut and digestive complaint

Hayley’s tips for overall health

1.  Just eat real food

2.  Manage stress

3.  DO what you love

Episode 1 - Welcome and all you need to know about Naturopathy

Coming January 13th

Episode 2 - Alex Thomas - Plant a Seed for Safety

Coming January 20th

Episode 3