5 foods to boost your digestive system

As we all know our digestive system is so important to overall health. It is believed that all diseases start in the gut and with our western diet at the moment it is causing so much inflammation in our body. If we can start doing small things to start improving our gut function daily, we can all begin living healthier lives. Here are 5 foods that we can consume daily to boost your digestive system.

Kiwi fruit

- Eating kiwi fruit with the skin on it a great digestive enzyme. Starting your day with a kiwi fruit in your breakfast can help get your digestive enzymes going for the day and provide ease with digesting our foods. It is also a great source of fibre.

Bitter greens

- Bitter greens work similarly to the kiwi fruit but due to the bitter properties they can help stimulate digestion. The bitter receptors on your tongue trigger the release of digestive enzymes which help you to breakdown your food. Bitter greens are also great in cleansing your liver.


- Fibre needs to be increase in nearly everyone’s diets. Fibre helps to clean out the gut and also feed the good bacteria in our gut. It is an essential macronutrient for digestion and it helps build better stools and regulate bowel movements it also can aid in the removal of toxins and wastes. Great fibre sources are fruits and vegetables, especially banana and sweet potato or other things like, chia seeds, slippery elm, oats or psyllium husks.

Probiotic rich foods

- Kombucha, kimchi, saurakraut, yogurt or a really good quality probiotic will provide the good bacteria your gut needs. Probiotics are essential in regulating your bowels, reducing your bloat and help to break down nutrients from foods.

Bone broth

- Bone broth is a simple thing to add into your day to help reduce inflammation in your gut and heal the mucus membrane. The gelatine that is found in bone broth “heals and seals” your gut to support proper digestion.

I love simple things we can add into our everyday lives that can help improve our gut function. If you were looking for a more tailored plan to heal your gut and improve your gut function, please contact me to book an appointment.