5 simple ways to reduce your plastic consumption

Reducing plastic waste is essential to preserve the environment and protect marine ecosystems to avoid causing further harm to birds, marine animals and fish. Helping the environment requires us to be aware of the waste we are creating and to be cautious of how much non-biodegradable plastic we are using and abusing. I have provided my top tips for you to start reducing plastic in your homes and daily life.

Invest in a reusable coffee cup

Many coffee shops sell these cups or alternatively you can find plenty of different designs online and in stores. Some coffee shops even offer customers a discount on their tea of coffee if they bring their own cup. So you’re not only saving on your coffee but also reducing your waste.

Here are some reusable cup options:

Keep Cup


Earth bottles

Stop buying plastic water bottles

Buying water at the supermarket or petrol station is unnecessary. Buy a one off good quality drink bottle and refill it. Our water is so much better to other countries but if you are wondering about the fluoride in our water there are a number of drink bottles that come with a filter in it as well.

Here are some great water bottle options:

Earth bottles

The Source bulkfoods

Eco Bud

Take reusable shopping bags to the super market

A great movement some supermarkets are making is they are stopping the use of single use plastic bags on the 30th June so it is a perfect time to get your butt into gear and start using your reusable bags. I have also managed to buy reusable produce bags too, to stop using the plastic ones to put my veggies and fruit in.

Here are some good shopping bag options

Shop naturally

Use containers instead of glad wrap

Single use grad wrap is so over used, we have so many other options these days. You can make your lunch box with reusable containers or even make your own beeswax wrappers and you can store leftovers in your fridge in containers appose to a bowl with glad wrap over it.

Here are my favourite options:

Ikea containers

Bees wax wrappers

Stop using plastic straws

Straws are a particular hazard to sea creatures as they can end up in the nostrils and have even been seen piercing the stomachs of some penguins. If you still wish to use straws a good alternative is to use paper straws that are more biodegradable or a reusable stainless steel straw.

Here are some straw replacement options

Reusable straws