Autumn Seasonal Cleanse

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

For those who know me I am very passionate about diet and nutrition. I see with many patients that they are always asking and looking for recipes to try that are quick, easy, healthy and aren’t expensive. I have decided to write this program which follows those four key principles and go back to the basics of JUST EATING REAL FOODS.

This e-book is over 60 pages and has more than 40 recipes.

In a previous clean eating program, I ran I found I needed to give the participates more support throughout so this time I have decided to make an exclusive Facebook group for the participates to join and share their meals with others on the program along with ask me any questions. I hope this can be a positive Facebook group where we can all support and motivated others to being healthier in ourselves.

The Autumn Cleanse is based around eating local seasonal produce. This will not only help your grocery bill but it will also allow you to buy the freshest produce out there. Just like clothes we like to dress seasonally, we should also do this for our diet. Being aware of what foods are in season means also being aware for what time of year it is, we will also see these in season foods being more readily available to us. Seasonal produce is fresher and has a greater flavour and nutrition the non-seasonal produce. Eating seasonal foods is also often cheaper as it is more readily available and uses less human intervention therefore resulting in lower costs.

Eating seasonally also has a lower impact on the environment, as there is less transport and other costs. So you can boost the nutrition of your meals, save money and help the environment all at the same time!

Autumn calls for lovely stone fruits, apples, pears all perfect for enjoying on their own or making a fresh salad or a warm dessert. As we move more into autumn we see more warm heartier meals with lots of reds and orange vegetables in season.

This program is starting on the 2nd of April but I am currently offering a special early bird price. If you book before the 9th of March you will receive $10 OFF ($40, RRP $50).

Does butter chicken sound like a meal for you or a chocolate smoothie bowl, join the program where you can enjoy these meals. Most recipes are gluten and dairy free or have options you can adapt to make them completely gluten and dairy free. All recipes however are free of refined sugar.

Please note programs won’t be sent out until the end of March, with enough time to get all your ingredients ready to start on the 2nd of April.