Benefits of Kombucha

We have all see kombucha being one of the latest health crazes in the health industry but do you know why you are drinking this “superfood” or what it actually is?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is made from a sweet tea mix and a SCOBY. What is a SCOBY, well it is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The SCOBY is the living bacteria and yeast that changes the sweet tea mix into a tart fizzy probiotic rich drink. This process takes anywhere from 7-14 days to complete depending on how warm it is. If the weather is warm, then it takes about a week to complete.

Why should we drink kombucha?

Kombucha is full of probiotics and is great for digestive complaints. It has also been shown to aid the body in detoxification, assist in weight loss, boosts energy and can help relieve joint pain. One things that really excites me about kombucha is that it helps fight agansist candida overgrowth which I think is occurring more and more in the general population which goes along undiagnosed.

Does kombucha contain sugar?

Yes, kombucha does contain sugar as it is needed to begin the fermentation process. But not to worry the sugar is for the SCOBY to feed. After you leave it to ferment the sugar content is a lot lower then when you started the process. You will find that at day 9 it will have less than if you harvest it at day 7 but you have to like the taste as it will get more tart the longer you leave it.

Can kombucha make you sick?

Yes, kombucha can make you feel sick but it’s important to start small and then increase your dose over the coming weeks. When making your own kombucha it is also important to ensure that the jar is sterilised and you follow the steps to avoid over brewing which can also make you sick.

Overall I think adding kombucha into our everyday lives is very beneficial and has many health benefits. Having a wide variety of fermented probiotic rich foods will allow us to get good probiotics from our food instead of getting it from a supplement.

My Top 5 kombucha tips:

1. The SCOBY’s hate dishwashing liquid, so it is best to sterilise without using soap.

2. Ensure that no metal touches the SCOBY and kombucha mix as it will stop the kombucha from working.

3. Always use filtered or tank water as you do not want any water that contains fluoride in it

4. Store your kombucha in a warm place out of direct sunlight, on top of the fridge or cupboard next to the oven work well.

5. I would recommend using organic tea and sugar to get the best results.