Updated: Jul 15, 2018

I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis. Although I had a very strong suspicion that diagnose it was hard hearing it from the specialist. At 22 year old trying to deal with the all the implications that came along with endometriosis my emotions and worries took over. As I am a naturopath and I have a very strong understanding of Women’s health, I know how difficult it can be to treat and what long term implications that goes with it. I wanted to write a little bit about endometriosis to help you better understand it and be aware of the signs and symptoms.

What is Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition in which the endometrium, the tissue that normally lines the uterus, grows in locations outside the uterus.

Symptoms of endometriosis

The pain of endometriosis can be so bad that it stops you from going to work or school. Usually, it causes pain around the time of your period, but for some women, the pain is almost constant. If you need treatment, you may need emotional as well as physical support.

The symptoms of endometriosis include:

  • Extremely painful periods

  • Pain with sex

  • Pelvic pain

  • Ovulation pain

  • Pain in the lower back and thighs

  • Bowel symptoms

  • Bladder symptoms

  • reduced fertility

  • Nausea and lethargy

  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Many women think that painful periods are normal. If you have bad period pain, you should see your doctor.

3 tips to helping manage your endometriosis:

1. Love your liver

  • We know that the liver is under extra stress when there is a hormone imbalance. Something like a liver detox may be essential every few months or twice a year to ensure your liver is working at its best. This may include supplements like, B vitamins, st marys thistle, turmeric, glutathione, NAC, the list goes on. But if you were wanting to do a liver detox its best to seek help from your naturopath as they can give you a tailored plan which includes premium supplement and diet and lifestyle advice.

2. Fibre

  • This is the secret weapon when it comes to hormone health. It works by binding to any excess hormones and excretes them through the bowels. Not only does it help with hormones it can help with improving gut function, building better stools and evening helping reduce cholesterol.

3. Reduce inflammation

  • This isn’t just taking a turmeric supplement it’s a whole lot more. We want to ensure we aren’t eating foods that can contribute to inflammation, we want to ensure your stress levels aren’t at levels that can increase oxidative stress and lead to inflammation. We also want to look at our environment, ensure we aren’t exposed to, too many chemical.

That’s my couple of tips to treating endometriosis in general but as a naturopath we know that every case is different and that no one treatment plan is the same. If you would like more specific advice, please contact me to book an appointment.