Guide to a Healthy Christmas

Sometimes when you’re trying to be healthy or you have food allergies you can feel that you will out at Christmas time but I wanted to share with you a blog on some of my favourite Christmas recipes so you can enjoy the day in full.

Let’s first talk about some general tips to stay healthy over Christmas.

1. Don’t over fill your plate – yes we have all done this, over filling your plate and then going back for seconds and some members of my family may even go back for thirds which leaves you feeling over full and sick. Let’s be mindful of the food we are eating and enjoy rather than rush and over indulge.

2. Limit your alcohol – I know this could be hard for some people but why not try and have some kombucha, or a healthy mock tail. If you really need to have alcohol why not try to have one glass of alcohol, then 1 glass of water. If you have overconsumed on alcohol, then it’s important to rehydrate and have some probiotics to ensure an over growth of bad bacteria doesn’t occur.

3. Try to keep moving - start your day with movement even if it’s only a short walk. Walking or exercising can help to improve your digestive system and ensure your bowels are regular. It can also help keep your mind clear while all the Christmas chaos goes on around you.

Here are some healthy christmasy recipes you could try so you don’t feel like your missing out!

Candy cane pepperminty smoothie

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Ginger bread pancakes

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Healthy spelt ginger bread man

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Paleo trifle

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IQS Christmas cake

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But if you over indulge this Christmas, that’s ok I’ll be here to help you out in January to feel amazing again and to support you with your new year’s resolutions.