My natural solutions to period pain

Painful periods are something that nearly every women has suffered from but it’s important to note that it is not normal and it is something that needs to be addressed. For one week of the month women can suffer from bloating, low energy, moody, severe pain, cramping and discomfort. It is some that is called dysmenorrhea.

Dysmenorrhea is a fancy name for painful periods, or menstrual cramps. It usually begins that the time of menstruation but can occur in the days leading up to it and then usually passes after a few days. These pains could vary from month to month and relate back to stress, an inflammatory diet or if it is more regular it could be endometriosis, PCOS, or a hormone imbalance (estrogen excess).

Symptoms of Dysmenorrhea:

- Cramping in the pelvic region

- Sharp throbbing pain

- Vomiting due to the pain


- Back aches

- Moody

If you are experiencing these symptoms and you’re not currently seeking treatment I suggest you look at booking an appointment with a naturopath as they can help you get to the root cause of your issue and help reduce your pain and discomfort. Click here to book an appointment with me

My tips to managing period pain

Diet and lifestyle

Consume and anti-inflammatory diet

o Avoid processed foods, coffee, alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy

o Have lots of, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, ancient grains, eggs

Consume warming foods

o Warming foods help to reduce stagnation and congestion in your pelvic area. I suggest that you switch your smoothie for a bowl of porridge or your iced water for a cup of warming tea, salad for soup. You will notice an amazing difference, especially those with endometriosis.

Reduce stress

o So many of us are living busy stressful lives and this can through our hormones all out of whack. I suggest exercising regularly such as, walking, yoga, running or going to a gym class. Another great tool for stress management is mindfulness and medication apps. I really like, headspace, and smiley mind but there are heaps out there.

Have a heat pack close handy

o A heat pack can be amazing at reducing muscles spasms

Take a warm bath

o A warm bath can work the same as a heat pack but if you add some magnesium or Epsom salts you will get he added benefit of the magnesium to help you relax as well as relaxing your muscles.

Herbs and supplements


o Turmeric is a powerful herb that reduces pain and inflammation. Anyone who suffers from endometriosis should look at supplementing with this long term. Ruth Trickey (the women’s health guru) states in her book, that turmeric can help in those suffering from endometriosis as it is a natural anti-inflammatory and is non-toxic, an antioxidant and inhibits inflammatory mediators such as NF-KB, COX-2, LOX pathways. But it is important to note that turmeric has very poor absorption capabilities in our body. I suggest ensuring your supplement has black pepper and an oil or fat component to enhance the anti-inflammatory effects.


o Magnesium is an amazing muscle relaxant and can not only reduce period pain and cramps but is really effective in managing hormonal headaches. Magnesium can be taken on a regular basis or you can take a higher does in the leaf up to your period and then stop taking it once your period finishes.

I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to manage your period pain naturally and if you would like any more specific information please contact me to book an appointment.