Natural Approach to Parasites

Furthering from my blog where I spoke about the negative effects tank water can have on our health and how to prevent contacting parasite but what happens if you get one of these bacteria’s. As a naturopath there are many powerful herbs that can assist in removing the parasites from your body and heal your digestive system again to heal any damage or inflammation the parasite has caused.

Antibiotics from your doctor is definitely a treatment option and you can get quick results. It’s important to note that it can take 6-12months to re-establish healthy microflora in your digestive system after having a course of antibiotics. What I would suggest if you opt for the antibiotic option is that look at taking a broad multi spectrum probiotic that has many stains of probiotics, look for about 10-15 different strains. When we consume probiotics its essential to also consume prebiotics, the prebiotics are the food that feeds the probiotics and also health growth and repopulation. Prebiotic foods include, sweet potato, psyllium husks, slippery elm, bananas or a similar fibre supplement.

Over the coming months after completing a course of antibiotics I suggest consuming a range of gut healing foods. Some of my favourite gut healing foods are

Gelatine and collagen

- A supplement or something like bone broth can work to heal the membrane of your gut

Turmeric and Ginger

- Ginger and turmeric both work to reduce inflammation of the gut


- Sip on some chamomile tea as it is very soothing for the gut

Aloe vera

- So something simple that you could do it get some aloe vera juice and have in it your water every day.

If you were wanting to avoid antibiotics and look at a natural option here is my take on treating digestive parasites from your water tank. There are many key keys that are beneficial it in removing E. coli and giardia. Firstly, we need to look at berberine containing herbs. This group of helps have been beneficial in treating digestive complaints such as diarrhoea, bloating and symptoms of microbial infestation. In some studies, it has shown that berberine demonstrates antimicrobial activity and fight against parasites such as blastocystis and giardia. Three key herbs that contain berberine are barberry, golden seal and Oregon grape.

Two other herbs that are beneficial in treating digestive parasites are oregano oil and garlic. Oregano oil has shown to contain potent broad spectrum anti-microbial actions that can fight against fungi, worms and parasites. Similarly, garlic has these same properties but it is also wonderful at treating candida and it has immune boosting properties. These herbs can be used in conjunction together to provide a powerful anti-microbial action but it is best to talk to your naturopathic health care professional first.

Furthering from removing the parasites I would suggest you need to look at consuming some pre and probiotics. We all probably know what probiotics are (they are the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system) but we also need prebiotics, which I discussed a little earlier.

If you are still not received and feeling amazing, you may need some naturopathic assistance for some digestive system healing. I hope this advice has helped you better understand what to do if you find yourself suffering from a digestive parasite. For more information you can find me at as well as on Instagram and facebook @theruralnaturopath.