Welcome to my website!

This blog is going to be full of healthy easy recipes that you can enjoy in your everyday life. I will also be sharing information about how you can benefit your health and wellbeing. I don’t believe in dieting but I do believe eating healthy and nutritious wholefoods as that is what I incorporate in my everyday life. I want to be able to share my recipes and my knowledge of health, to encourage others to also eat well and look after their bodies.

It's amazing how well I feel both physically and mentally when I don’t eat processed foods and that is one of the main reasons why I am so passionate about eating healthily. These past years I’ve been studying naturopathy and it has been one of the best decisions of my life.

My recipes will be gluten, dairy and refined sugar free but I will generally have suggestions where you could use gluten or dairy if you can tolerate it. I cannot enjoy gluten or dairy in my diet and I have had tests to prove that they affect me adversely. I still think these foods are good and have a place in our diets in moderation and I do not want to make you feel you have to remove them to be healthy. This website provides healthy wholefood recipes that everyone can enjoy and that suit any allergy.

As a Naturopath and Nutritionist I believe in treating the whole person.  As there is no person the same, there is no “one fits all” program. I will find the program that works for you and that will make you feel better and begin to see positive results. This can be a combination of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and dietary changes. We will also assess any underlying problems such as sleep, stress, exercise, relationships and work situations to gain the bigger picture as to what is going on in your body.

Along with offering nutritional advice I’m here to guide and educate you to life a healthy life. I’m not one who believes in following diets, I think it’s important to eat nutritious wholefoods that work with your body.

I’m currently finishing my studies with the Australian institute of Applied Science in Melbourne and a registered member with the Complementary Medicine Association.