What are your pimples telling you?

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

I’m sure everyone has experienced pimples at some point throughout their lives. They are annoying and can be very painful but what are your pimples really telling you. The location of your pimples can inform you of an underlying issue in your body. I stumbled across this in Mim Beim’s book natural remedies and thought that it was pretty accurate.

Pimples on your cheeks that could be a sign of you having food intolerances. Have you considered doing a hair test? Find out more here.

Pimples along the jar line, back, chest and shoulders are most likely to be hormonally triggered.

Pimples located on the chin suggest that there is a digestion problem.

Congested looking pimples on the forehead may be a sign if fatty liver.

This can really narrow down what is happening in your body. You may be cleaning your face and eating the right foods and still getting acne we need to look at other avenues and this is a great way to investigate further.

Pimples generally occur with everyone. Nobody likes to get them but they happen. They can be very painful, lead to scaring and those who lack self-confidence. As a naturopath I know that everyone gets pimples for a different reason and they can happen at any time in your life. Making sure that I give the right treatment program to my clients is the most important thing for me. I don’t want them to get a generic program that doesn’t work for them. I would prefer to take the time and work out what is perfect for them and make sure they see the results rather than giving a generic program that doesn’t work.

My tips for those suffering from pimples:

  1. Keep your face clean. Avoid putting make up and moisturiser on your skin as you can clog your pours. If you feel you need to wash your face a nice calendula face wash or a tea tree oil cleanser. I also love Saya skin care.

Saya skin care

  1. Avoid touching the area. This can be really had but it is important so add a more bacteria to the potential area.

  2. Don’t squeeze your pimples. Avoiding to squeeze your pimples is essential as it will lead to scaring and can aggravate them add to the bacteria build up. It is a hard to not squeeze them but try your hardest not too.

  3. Make sure your making the right dietary decisions. Avoid foods high in saturated fats and consume a wholefood diet.

For those with any more questions feel free to contact me to discuss your individual case further.