What’s holding your weight loss journey back?

Are you exercising and eating all the right foods but still feel you aren’t losing any weight? Well there can be a few things that can be holding your weight loss journey back. There are 3 key areas that need to be addressed before you see yourself losing the weight you are wanting to.


- Stress effects so many different things in your body. Most of the time we say we need to fix the gut first, well if your stressed we really need to manage this first before we even start healing your gut. So this is the same for weight loss, we need to manage your stress first before looking a losing weight. We can manage stress with herbs, vitamins, diet changes and probably the most important thing lifestyle changes. One trigger for gaining weight when stressed is stress eating, you may think you are eating the right foods most of the time but many once a week when the stress gets too much you fall into emotional eating habits. This is why it is important to address your diet as well to see if there are any problem areas as well. Another factor associated with stress and not losing weight would be a lack of sleep. If you are stressed some of us struggle to sleep, if you are not resting correctly or then livening of caffeine that can be another contributing factor.


- Liver health is so important with weight loss. If you are suffering from the stubborn central fat, we may need to look at your liver health. If your liver has a build-up of toxins and cannot remove them correctly, then weight loss will not happen. Cleansing the liver would be done both through by a detox supplement along with increasing liver detoxifying foods.


- Hormone imbalances can be a big contribution to weight gain and for those who are struggling to lose weight too. Balancing hormones can be hard and it needs a minimum of 3 months of strict treatment protocols to see maximum benefits. We would need to address the top two points as well as really focusing on your gut, hormones and diet.

These are three key areas that I like to work on to help my patients achieve their weight loss goals. I cannot stress enough that everyone is different and not one treatment plan is the same. If you would like a health assessment, please contact me for more information.