Virtual Rural Health Forum

Friday 1st May 2020

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“Building a healthier and more connected rural community”

Are you feeling nervous about the recent COVID-19 out breaks??

Is the news scaring you everyday?

Are you sitting at home in home isolation?

Want to improve your health but need support?










Feel the






Tickets include:
-Complete access to the event

- Recordings of the speakers you can watch back later

- A virtual goodie bag

- And day of FUN

“Calm through Chaos”

We are going to talking all things immunity, gut health, stress, health anxiety and talking about how important movement is.


  • Hear from some of the best rural health practitioners

  • Get empowered to make healthier changes in your life

  • Sit in the comfort of your own home, in your PJs, and connect and learn

  • Feel supported through the Chaos 

  • Break down isolation, feel connected and supported when it comes to your health.

  • Connect from any location around Australia

Virtual Rural Health Forum
May 01, 10:00 AM GMT+10
Hayley Dawson Naturopathy


JoY McClymont

From Off The Track Training

Joy wants people to feel empowered to determine their own health, fitness and way of life.

As a fully qualified personal trainer and natural motivator, Joy brings to you a sense of possible amongst what we sometimes feel like is the impossible. Admired for her down to earth Aussie style and recognised nationally for her ability to provide simple solutions for health and fitness for those who don’t have access to gyms, high tech equipment or personal trainers – Joy is attracting global attention.  

As a client, you will have direct access to Joy via her live online programs and tele-seminars as well as through other private social media links. Joy maintains a personal interest in every single one of her clients, making sure that you have all the information, encouragement, support and tools you need to ensure long term health and fitness success.   

Dr Michela Sorensen

General Practitioner

Women’s Health, Mental Health and Rural Health Advocate

Steph Schmidt

Clinical Psychologist 

Stephanie Schmidt is a Clinical Psychologist and farmer in the eastern agricultural area of South Australia. She lives with her husband and 2 young sons on their farm at Worlds End. Steph is passionate about developing a thriving rural Australia, supporting individuals and communities not only to grow but to thrive. Steph is honoured to be the South Australian winner of the 2020 Rural Women’s Award. As part of the award, she plans to develop a community based program to build practical skills in psychological flexibility to help farmers and rural communities build their wellbeing and thrive in adversity.  Steph combines her psychological knowledge together with her lived experience of farming life to provide accessible, easy to understand strategies to improve health and wellbeing for farmers and farming families. Steph is also able to provide consulting services to those working in rural areas to provide insight into the lived experience of adversity as well as sharing her knowledge of evidence-based strategies to assist those facing adversity.

Steph currently works part time as a Psychologist providing psychological intervention services to children, adolescents and adults. Steph works with her husband on their mixed enterprise (sheep/cropping) farm. Within the business, Steph is responsible for managing the finances as well as assisting with extra farm jobs whenever she is able, especially at shearing, seeding and harvest time. Steph loves spending time on the farm with her husband and sons and enjoys the privilege of being able to work together as a family

Coming Soon

Dr Sorensen is a a GP in Sydney as well visiting a country clinic every 6 weeks in Northern Victoria in Ouyan. She is passionate about womens health, mental health and is an advocate for those in rural areas. Growing up in the country, Michela has experienced first hand the inequities faced by rural and regional Australian’s when it comes to their health. This is where her passion for rural health grew.

She is passionate about sharing knowledge, building empowered communities and promoting overall well-being.

Virtual Rural Health Forum
May 01, 10:00 AM GMT+10
Hayley Dawson Naturopathy


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When is this happening?

Friday the 1st May (Schedule to be released soon)

If you can’t make it on the day that’s ok, there will be a recording sent out to you to watch later.


How does a virtual event work?

Its super easy, I send you a link and you can either download an app on your phone called Zoom or if you are connecting via your laptop then you just click the link and you are taken straight to the video call.


Is this a women’s only event?

Definitely not! This is open to men and women.



$40 this gets you access to the event as well as the recordings you can watch back later, a virtual goodie bag, and a day of FUN!!


I’ve bought my ticket, but now I can’t come?

Thats ok you will get sent a recording of the day so you can watch it at anytime.