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Naturopaths can assist the body to heal and maintain itself by means of dietary advice, herbal medicine, vitamins, minerals, massage, flower essence. Naturopaths don’t believe in the quick fixes but rather finding long term health and wellbeing that can be sustained and fit with their everyday lives.

Naturopaths can help in dietary advice, weight loss programs, digestive complaints, respiratory problems, depression, menstrual and fertility problems, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and many other conditions. When you book in you will find that the first consultation will be long between an hour and an hour and a half where you will be asked many questions to see if there are any other underlying issues as well as the current presenting complaint. It is important to gain all the information to be able to treat the client effectively.


Naturopaths generally give an alternative to conventional methods once all the convention methods have been resorted. Naturopaths aren’t doctors but they can give you an alternative method to help the body heal. They ask many questions as they need to understand the patients signs and symptoms as there is no one size fits all program. They look into family history, diet, stressors, refer to functional pathology if required and can also perform iridology.

Naturopaths follow the 6 naturopathic principles when treating every patient. The principles are the following:

  1. Do no harm

  2. Treat the whole person

  3. Teach, inspire, motivate and encourage

  4. Preventive care

  5. Identify and treat the cause

  6. Support and facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal.

What I can help with

Diet and weight loss programs

Stress management

Womens hormonal support

Fatigued and tiredness

Digestive complaints

Food allergies and intolerances

Skin conditions



And much more...


Initial appointment (1hour) $125

Extended follow up (45mins) $105

Follow appointment (30 min) $80

Acute Appointments (15mins) $50

*Private health rebates are no longer available for naturopath appointments. This will be reviewed in 2020 by the government which may see this overturned. 

Cancellation and No Show Policy